A friend asked me if I knew the secret formula to getting people involved through technology. I gave him an explanation as to why people are not more involved but I didn’t give him the answer.

Like everything else, our methodology is defined by how we are raised, what we have learned on our own, and others who have influenced us.

So the secret formula is: Training

I think it is great that some are vocally saying that it is acceptable to use technology at church but have you shown anyone How to subscribe with their iPhone? have you offered any classes or tech support?

This is a great opportunity to give everyday value to people. I would love to help facilitate the training and support.

Wow, I can just image the Ushers helping people subscribe to Podcasts, give online, fill out volunteer forms, RSVP for an event all from their mobile device.

They will know what we teach them. Teach them well. Teach them to share.

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