Transcription Notes

Why videos work! Are you using video? Is it critically valuable and functional?
The advantage over other types of marketing
– there so many choices out there online. You want to follow the process like, know and trust
– we are conditioned to think that anyone we see on the screen aka “published” is someone we can trust
– creating a video is faster and easier than writing a sales letter
– starring at a blank piece of paper or word document can be intimidating
– video allows you to pitch your offer: here is what it is, what it can do for you, here is what I want you to do next

I love video.

My whole career started with a passion for multimedia which includes all 5 senses. Beyond, being with you in person, the next best level of engagement is live video. You can’t smell or taste video, but you can touch a device that sends a message. You can hear and see the person who is broadcasting the video.

I started using video for marketing in 2007. It was clunky and awkward then. And, the live video didn’t work so well. Some of the first videos I did for clients, who were home builders, involved just lights and a video camera. I would make pan and zoom shots in each room, to give the viewer a sense of what the home builder built. Later on, this advanced to having the home builder do walk-throughs. I would follow the home builder through the home and he would describe the home that he had designed and built. The homebuilder would point something out and I would point the video camera at it. The was way more engaging because the audience had something/someone to focus on and now one else was really marketing in this way. To top it off google had just bought youtube and it was so easy to gain first place position for keywords.

Once the videos were completed we optimized them and followed a distribution process. In a two-year period, this process leads to about 20,000 views on the home builders’ Youtube channel. It was incredible! That home builder built 400 homes from 2007 to 2012 when he shut down the business.

I have used video for other clients as well. But now we have “Live” video streaming, not just on Youtube but on Facebook too. I am going, to be honest. Doing a live video stream is not for everyone. Doing my first live video, I just dove in over my head. Since then, I have watched others and learned the real techniques behind making videos. Combing the new technology and techniques with the old school optimization and distribution, I have learned the real power of video. I would like to help you achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles you may be facing to make your business grow.

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