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15% of the websites in the world use WordPress which is a Content Management System or simply, CMS. WordPress does not require programming, design skills, or the use of professional software. It is a web (browser)-based software. Using your browser, you can log in to the administration panel where you can create pages, add photos, embed videos and so much more.

There are over 40 thousand plug-ins to do just about anything you can think of. With this system you can save yourself a lot of money in “maintenance” fees that you would have to pay if you had someone else edit your website. You can dramatically decrease the turn-around time on updates and increase the frequency of your updates because it is fast and easy. You could even do it from your mobile device.

The days of the static brochure websites are over. If you are going to get found on the internet your website needs to be a living extension of your business. And your website should also perform some type of task or purpose for your business like take orders, or automate your sales process, or qualify clients.

Shepherds Loft, serves businesses by providing WordPress Management Services. WordPress is a Content management system which allows you to update your website. Management Services for WordPress is exclusively offered through Shepherds Loft which includes the leasing of one domain name, one email and one WordPress hosted account.

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